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One-of-a-Kind Catalog Artwork Slated For M.T.H. Archive Auction

October 26, 2021 - M.T.H. Electric Trains has provided Cabin Fever Auctions - the auction company managing M.T.H.'s archive auctions - with several select pieces of artwork commissioned for covers of past catalogs as part of this week's Cabin Fever auction.

The first of 11 different paintings used for M.T.H. catalog covers from 1995 to 1998 are slated to hit the auction block on Saturday, October 30th. Each painting will be accompanied by a copy of the catalog on which it was featured. The paintings were commissioned by M.T.H. for local Maryland artist Chris Tepe. Many are based on classic renderings used throughout the history of O Gauge model railroading, but with a decidely "MTH" theme.

1995 Catalog Cover - Gracing the cover of the 1995 Winter Catalog, this painting depicts the New York Central Empire State Express traversing a snowy track with the city skyline behind. The Empire State Express Hudson was just the sixth M.T.H. Premier Line steam locomotive in the company's history. Bid Now!!

1996 Catalog Cover - Two venerable M.T.H. products are featured on the cover of the 1996 Fall/Winter Catalog in the form of the New York Central J-1e Hudson and the M.T.H. Z-4000. The Hudson was the second NYC steamer to grace a catalog cover and the Z-4000 was initially called the Z-2000. Bid Now!!

1997 Catalog Cover - Featured on the cover of the 1997 Volume 2 Catalog, this painting depicts the Norfolk & Western J Class Northern steam locomotive which made its debut in the M.T.H. Premier lineup in this 2017 catalog. The M.T.H. release was the first die-cast, 1/48th scale model of the venerable N&W steam locomotive. Bid Now!!

1998 Catalog Cover - Featured on the cover of the 1998 Volume 1 Catalog, this painting depicts the BNSF Dash-9 diesel locomotive and was the first wide-cab version of the M.T.H. model which had first appeared in a narrow nose iteration the previous year in several other paint schemes. Bid Now!!

1998 Catalog Cover - Featured on the cover of the 1998 Volume 2 Catalog, the Jersey Central Blue Comet plows through a snowy landscape as its classic blue and gray livery make a stark contrast with the white winter scene. The P47 steam locomotive has appeared in the M.T.H. lineup four different times. Bid Now!!

In addition to the catalog covers, there are hundreds of other items from the M.T.H. archives that are featured in this week's auction, including a huge 6' cast aluminum replica of the M.T.H. logo displayed in the firm's Columbia, Maryland headquarters. Bid Now!!

The 500 pound, fully decorated logo - a gift to M.T.H. owner Mike Wolf from one of the firm's Asian factory owners for the company headquarter's grand opening in 1997 - was bolted to the wall high above the reception station and was one of the first things visitors to the company's previous headquarters saw upon entering the building lobby.

This week's auction is October 30, 2021 and can be previewed online by visiting the auction preview listing.

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