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Marty Fitzhenry - A Life Well Lived

January 6, 2020 - M.T.H. Electric Trains lost a valuable contributor to the company's DCS lineup with the passing of Marty Fitzhenry.

He loved new technology. When Lionel and M.T.H. introduced command control, Marty was at the forefront of exploring its possibilities, solving problems, acting as a DCS Beta tester, and sharing solutions with others. He was an early adopter of internet communication. In a world where online communication often became a way for folks to avoid personal contact, Marty went the other way. Along with other members of the OGR Forum, he built a huge community of personal support, group problem solving, and genuine empathy. What the internet was supposed to be, became a reality in the Forum community.

Learn more about Marty's life and contributions in the latest blog from M.T.H. contributor Barry Lewis.