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Built in 1907, the 0-8-8-0 articulated was the Erie Railroad's first Mallet type steam locomotive and sported numerous distinctions never-before-found on other railroads. Not only was Erie's L1 locomotive the largest and most powerful steam locomotive of its era, but it was the only camelback style locomotive built over an articulated 0-8-8-0 chassis. On top of that, the Angus locomotive was hand fired and sported a voracious appetite for steam pressure leading to very little time for the engine's firemen to enjoy the scenic panorama of the Starrucca viaduct. The L1 obtained the nickname "Angus-type" as a result of noted railroad operations writer Angus Sinclair's comments that the L1 would dry up all the country's canals and make all forms of water transportation obsolete thanks to the engine's incredible thirst. Because only three L1 locomotives were constructed, Sinclair's comments never rang true but the engine did establish the use of Mallet type engines beyond narrow gauge light duty use. Continuing our trend of producing obscure yet remarkable locomotives, M.T.H. Electric Trains is proud to return the first die-cast metal recreation of the famous Erie 0-8-8-0 in all its Russian Iron livery. Outfitted with the incredible sounds and features of Proto-Sound 3.0, the L1 comes equipped with two Proto-Couplers for push and pull service destined to create a lasting impression on your model railroad just as it did for the Erie nearly 100 years ago.