Available Items

October 4, 2005 - M.T.H. Electric Trains will be unveiling its new 2006 Volume 1 Premier and RailKing Catalog the week of October 9th. In the meantime, it's still not too late to see your local M.T.H. Authorized Retailer for ordering information on the most recent M.T.H. catalog releases.


2005 Tinplate Traditions Volume 2 Catalog

The latest offerings in our Tinplate Traditions line can be found by CLICKING HERE. If you'd like to download a pdf version of the catalog, CLICK HERE.


2005 Premier Line Special Introduction

An all-new Premier Line steam engine is coming this Fall. CLICK HERE to see the 4-4-0 New York Central Empire State Express. If you'd like to download a pdf version of the brochure, CLICK HERE.


2005 Uncataloged Special Releases

13 never cataloged Premier, RailKing and RailKing One Gauge cars have been created and presented in this four page brochureClick Here To Download or visit any of the following links to learn more about each of these exciting offerings.

70-74028 Dallas Cowboys RailKing One Gauge Box Car

70-74040 Harley-Davidsonᆴ RailKing One Gauge Box Car

70-76030 Caterpillarᆴ RailKing One Gauge Flat Car w/CATᆴ 3516b Generator Load

20-94102 Creamsicleᆴ Premier Line Reefer Car

20-98503 Caterpillarᆴ Premier Line Flat Car w/LHD Underground Mining Loader

20-93286 Dan Marino Hall of Fame Premier Line Box Car

20-93288 Ohio State University Premier Line Box Car

20-93285 New York Yankeesル Premier Line Box Car

30-76194 Harley-Davidsonᆴ RailKing Flat Car w/Trailer

30-78017 Isaly'sᆴ RailKing Reefer Car

30-74289 SpongeBobᆴ RailKing Box Car

30-74277 Baltimore Ravens RailKing Box Car

30-75195 Pittsburgh Brewing Company RailKing 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Car

You can order any of these exciting offerings through your local M.T.H. Authorized Retailer.