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Use this form for general questions concerning our company and this website. Request catalogs and DVDs, product information, product suggestions and more. You can also reach us by mail at the following address:

M.T.H. Electric Trains
7020 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046

Or by phone: 410-381-2580

Or by FAX: 410-381-6122

Before dialing, take a moment to view the simple checklist below and have the answers to these questions readily available. It will help us to serve you quickly and efficiently.

  • What is your product number(s)?
  • Where was it purchased?
  • Was it purchased within the last year? If not, then we recommend taking it to your local Authorized Service Station.
  • Do you have a receipt? (The receipt is your proof of warranty)
  • Are you running your train in command control or conventional?
  • Have you tried to reprogram your engine?
  • Have you performed any diagnostics? If so, what have you checked?

    To register a product warranty, click  HERE