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July 10, 2012 - HO retailers looking for a powerful, full-featured power supply might want to take another look at the DCS Commander, M.T.H. Electric Trains 3-in-1 device perfect for analog DC and command control users alike.

Unlike most command control controllers, the DCS Commander is first and foremost an excellent DC power supply. Sold with and without a 100 watt power brick, the DCS Commander outputs up to 16 volts of pure DC power making it one of the most robust HO DC power supplies available on the market today. Featuring LCD digital amp and volt meters, polarity switch, Momentum, fast-tripping circuit breaker, multiple power inputs, and a smooth rolling throttle ensure that the DCS Commander will make a great choice for analog users who desire a power supply powerful enough for a moderate sized layout.

HO enthusiasts who have begun to add M.T.H. Electric Trains HO locomotives equipped with Proto-Sound 3.0 to their roster but haven't yet had an opportunity to run those engines in command mode will find the DCS Commander to be an affordable way to experience DCS command control. The simple-to-use DCS Commander provides access for up to 32 Proto-Sound 3.0 functions that aren't accessible in conventional analog operation. As users begin to experience these features, they'll find making future M.T.H. locomotive purchases with Proto-Sound 3.0 a priority.

DCC command control users can combine their favorite DCC controller with the DCS Commander by plugging in the DCC controller's output to the DCS Commander's input connections. When in analog mode, the DCC signal broadcast from the DCC controller is silenced, allowing only the controller's power to pass from the DCS Commander's input. The Commander then outputs that power in analog mode as pure DC current. A quick press of the DCS Commander's Pass-Thru button permits the DCC signal to now pass through to the track allowing for DCC command control broadcasting to all locomotives equipped with a DCC decoder, including M.T.H. Proto-Sound 3.0 equipped locomotives.

Never before has one single device provided the model train market with as much control and compatibility as the DCS Commander. No matter whether you choose conventional analog DC operation, DCC command control operation or state-of-the-art DCS command control operation, the DCS Commander is the only device you'll ever need.



  • Speed adjustment in one-scale mile-per-hour steps
  • Independent feature control: tune your engines' sound, lights, smoke and acceleration/deceleration settings
  • Smoke On/Off
  • Doppler Sounds: simulate the classic sound effect of a train approaching and then whizzing past
  • Accent Sounds: activate any one of 7 individual sounds, including signal forward and reverse sounds, coupler slack, engine start-up and shut-down, engine labor and engine drift
  • Activate Passenger Station and Freight Yard Sounds:
  • Individual locomotive control: select up to 99 Proto-Sound 3.0 engines
  • Selectable control mode configurations: choose between analog DC, DCC and DCS operating modes