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November 2011 - For those who have operated Marklin HO AC 3-rail trains in the past, choosing a Proto-Sound 3E+ equipped model will give you an opportunity to run sound-equipped North American and European prototypes on your railroad with your Marklin DCC command control system.
Outfitted with NEM 311 wheels and NEM 365 couplers, each of these engines feature an all-new version of Proto-Sound 3.0, contain a third rail sliding shoe for use with Marklin HO stud rail and can operate on European analog AC power. Like their 3.0 counterparts, Proto-Sound 3E+ locomotives feature full digital sound, speed control, 28 DCC functions*, hundreds of DCS sounds and features** and a command control receiver for use with Marklin DCC Motorola 1 and 2 control systems.
In addition, these locomotives can operate on DC power in analog mode, feature LED constant voltage lighting and can be upgraded with new sounds and features using the DCS Digital Command System.
Update your AC 3-Rail HO empire to today's sophisticated model railroading standards with locomotives equipped with Proto-Sound 3E+ and see why M.T.H. HO Locomotives Do More!
* Requires 28-Function DCC Controller
** Requires DCS Digital Command System or DCS Commander