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"One of Lionel's greatest achievements", the 408E was at the top of its class when it made its debut in 1927. The earliest versions of this locomotive were painted Mojave with red pilots, included cast headlights which were mounted a top the body, and either combination or latch couplers were installed. At 17" long the 0-B+B-0 408E was a spruced up version of the twin motored 402.

"Keeping up with electric-railroad development", Lionel offered the 408E with a substantial amount of additional trim, including a pair of collapsible pantographs, handrails, and illuminated signal lanterns. A "result of years of experiment and research by Lionel engineers", the 408E was a "powerful locomotive capable of hauling a long line of cars at any speed desired". Although the 381 burst onto the scene in 1928, knocking the 408E out of the top spot, it did not have the power to pull its accompanying stock (Transcontinental Limited). The largest Lionel ever made, the "State Set" proved to heavy for the 381, but the 408E powered its way through establishing itself as a "triumph of model engineering skill". Equipped with Distance Control, the 408E was the only locomotive on the market to contain a twin motor. All of Lionel's Twin-Super-Motor locomotives were able to operate on direct current as well as on alternating current, dry cell or storage batteries.

This exquisite replica of the 408E returns to the Tinplate Traditions line for 2011 in the original Mojave paint scheme, with red pilots, and two toned brown. With the same amount of realistic detail as the 1927 model, the 408E now offers the modern day advances of operating metal latch couplers, Proto-Sound 2.0 with digital command system featuring: freight yard Proto-Effects, and locomotive speed control. Add this twin-motored behemoth to your collection and experience the glory of one of the most impressive toy locomotives ever built.

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