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Accessing Catalog Price Guides On The M.T.H. FTP Site


So, what is an FTP site anyway?

FTP, which stands for File Transfer Protocol, is essentially a large repository for files that are too big (or in this case, sensitive in nature) to be transmitted via email. Users can access FTP sites through a variety of means, including most internet browsers or stand alone FTP programs. The easiest way to access the M.T.H. Dealer FTP site is through the M.T.H. Authorized Retailer Portal using Internet Explorer in the steps documented below. Users will also find additional methods to access the FTP site in the Dealer Portal.


How To Download Files From The FTP Site


Access the M.T.H. Authorized Retailer Portal from the M.T.H. website by clicking on the Dealer Login link under the Dealers link at the top of the M.T.H. website.


Once you've logged into the site, scroll down and click on the Access the MTH FTP Site link on the left side of the page.


A new Internet Explorer window should now be visible with a single folder in it titled Dealer_FTP. Click on that folder to open up a new Explorer folder that contains the Dealer FTP contents.


If you're looking for a catalog price guide (Direct Dealer Accounts Only), click on the folder titled MTH Catalog Price Guides to reveal a list of all previous catalog price guides by year, then follow the steps below. If you're looking for catalog images or price lists, visit the Catalog Photos or MTH Product List folders and then follow the steps below to download images and product lists.


Click on the folder titled 2015 Guides to reveal all the catalog price guides released in 2015.


Click on the folder titled after the catalog issue you wish to download (ie:2015 RTR) to reveal all the price guides we've published for that specific catalog.


Inside this folder are PDF (.pdf) and Excel (.xls)files for the various price guides we've published to date for that specific catalog. The PDF version for a given catalog will look just like the printed version of the price guide mailed to Direct Accounts while the .xls file under the same name contains the product listings in an Excel price sheet. The latter file type is useful for those wishing to import the catalog contents into point-of-sale or accounting software.

Either of these files can be saved on your computer by clicking File/Save As in the PDF document reader or spreadsheet program you are running on your computer.