2013 S-Gauge Catalog

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Highlights From This Catalog

If you’re an S gauge model railroader, you’re probably familiar with the trains formerly produced by S Helper Service. Over the course of two decades, owners Michael Ferraro and Don Thompson helped bring S gauge into the 21st century — creating a line of cars and locomotives with details and running qualities that rivaled the best ready-to-run products in any scale. In addition, their S-Trax System became the gold standard for S gauge sectional track. In 2012, when Michael and Don decided to retire, M.T.H. was proud to acquire the tooling that S Helper Service had created. Over time, our intent is to re-introduce and add to the eighteen types of freight cars and eight locomotives in S Helper’s lineup, while upgrading each locomotive to Proto-Sound® 3.0 — M.T.H.’s sound and control system with features never before seen in S gauge. No matter how you operate your railroad — analog DC, analog AC, NMRA-standard DCC command control, or our own DCSTM Digital Command System — a Proto-Sound 3.0 engine is ready to run. Just put your engine on the track and run it — it knows what kind of power is on the rails and adapts accordingly.