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November 10, 2009 - M.T.H. Electric Trains is pleased to announce that the release of their first 2010 HO catalog featuring four new locomotives in the diesel, steam and electric categories.

First announced during the October I-Hobby show in Chicago, the new steam locomotive is a Nickel Plate Berkshire 2-8-4. The Berk comes available in Pere Marquette and other roadnames and is faithfully recreated in all-metal die-cast construction.

In addition to the new steam engine releases, the 2010 Volume 1 catalog includes two new diesel locomotives; the Union Pacific Veranda Turbine and Alco PA A & B Unit diesels (in Southern Pacific Daylight and New York Central liveries). Both locomotive types include operating smoke and operating coil couplers. The turbine and tender are constructed from die-cast metal and include two motors while the single-motor Alco units feature plastic bodies.

Finally, the 2010 Volume 1 catalog features the debut of our first electic locomotive, the Milwaukee Road Little Joe. Constructed with a die-cast metal body, the Little Joe includes operating couplers and in another first for the HO market, remotely controlled motorized pantographs that rise and fall on locomotive direction changes.

Visitors can download a PDF version of the entire 2010 HO No. 1 Catalog by CLICKING HERE.

M.T.H.メs HO locomotives feature the firmメs most sophisticated version of its highly acclaimed Proto-Sound digital sound and command control onboard electronics. The Proto-Sound 3.0 system found in M.T.H.メs HO locomotives includes features not found in other firm's sound systems and include a command control receiver that can operate with M.T.H.メs DCS Digital Command System or any manufacturerメs DCC system.

The new diesels and electric featured in the 2010 Volume 1 catalog include the Proto-Sound 3.0 feature found in our SD70ACe diesels; remotely controlled couplers that do NOT require an operating track section. Long a staple on our O and One Gauge models, the HO scale Proto-Coupler features a scale knuckle that can couple with popular scale couplers including Kadee and McHenry models, yet can be triggered to automatically open anywhere on the layout using M.T.H.'s DCS system or any DCC controller. When fired open, the Proto-Sound 3.0 system plays a clunking sound effect to simulate the sound of the knuckle opening, followed by air release sounds of the brake lines breaking apart.

You can see the HO couplers in action by watching our SD70ACe video.

Unlike other HO sound-equipped locomotives currently on the market, M.T.H.メs steam locomotives include synchronized puffing smoke timed to drive wheel revolutions for an incredibly realistic operating experience. First appearing in M.T.H.メs O Gauge locomotives in 2000, each M.T.H. HO steam locomotive features a prototypically correct four chuffs/puffs per each drive wheel revolution.

Digital steam engine sound features including whistle, bell, chuffing, squeaking brakes, authentic Doppler, passenger station announcements, air let-off, air pump, blow down, pop-off, injector and dozens more are included in each engine ヨ a variety unmatched in HO today. In addition, every engine features 120 speed steps, each in scale one-mile-per-hour increments for a true prototypical operating experience.

All M.T.H. HO locomotives are completely compatible with most 16 volt or higher analog DC power supplies. Under analog operation, the user retains direction control, synchronized puffing smoke and digital chuffing (synchronized to driver revolution and smoke puffing) on steam engines, diesel engine roar and squeaking brakes and speed control on diesel, electric and steam models.

When operated in command mode using M.T.H.メs DCS Digital Command System (DCS), operators will have access to hundreds of features and sounds, including crossing signals, a user controlled モquillableヤ steam whistle that simulates an engineerメs differing pressure on the whistle pull cord for seamless whistle pitches.

The steam engine's die-cast metal boiler and tender house the electronics and a precision five-pole 12-volt, skew-wound flywheel-equipped motor. Intricately detailed, the boiler and tender shells feature additional detail elements ensuring an accurate reproduction of the real-life prototype. Additional features include sprung drivers, (2) Kadeeᆴ compatible couplers, prototypical Rule 21 lighting, interchangeable RP25 drivers with traction tires for added pulling strength, detailed cab interior, detailed tender undercarriage and even a tender to boiler deck plate.

Alco Diesel engines are constructed from ABS plastic and features a host of add-on details sure to please the most particular of diesel lovers. The body rides atop a detailed chassis designed to pull long consists and includes cab interior detail, operating MARS lights and cab figures.

The die-cast Veranda and Little Joe models utilize the same powerful five-pole 12-volt, skew-wound flyhweel equipped motors found in our steam and SD70ACe models. The added weight of the die-cast bodies ensures that these locomotives will handle any size consist you throw at them!

All 2010 Volume 1 M.T.H. HO items are available for order through your local M.T.H. Authorized Retailer.