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September 24, 2005 - M.T.H. Electric Trains has created a fundraising program to help Hurricane Katrina victims in the Gulf Coast. All profits generated by the sale of special relief fund cars and add-on items will be donated to the Red Cross.

Unlike the September 11th fundraiser operated by M.T.H. after the 9/11 attacks, the Hurricane Katrina fundraiser seeks to enlist the help of the model railroading press and some of our popular licensors in the hopes that an even bigger level of support can be generated.

Our goal is to produce at least ten different O Gauge cars, each sponsored by an M.T.H. licensor or a model railroad publication. We're pleased that we have now gained the support of eight sponsors whose only obligation is to allow royalty-free use of their logo on a special car. As new sponsors are added, we'll be posting their participation as they sign up on the M.T.H. website's main page. Together, we hope to raise at least $100,000.00 for the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

Model railroaders interested in participating in this fundraising drive can purchase their favorite sponsor's car or multiple cars by ordering them through the SHOPPING LINK on the M.T.H. Home Page or by contacting M.T.H. Sales directly. For each car sold, M.T.H. will donate the $30.00 profit the car generates to the Red Cross. Donations will occur weekly and we'll be posting the tabulations on the M.T.H. website.

Because the need for help is so great, we'll be keeping the program open until November 1, 2005 at which point we'll need to finalize the production quantity for each car in order to meet our shipping deadline of February 1, 2006. These cars will only be built to order and your purchase today guarantees that the profit your order creates will get into the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina relief fund within seven days of your order.

For those consumers who wish to really show their support for the hurricane victims and plan to purchase multiple or even every car in the program, we've added a diesel locomotive option so that you can pull your relief train. Naturally, we'll be passing on the profits from these engines to the relief fund as well.



Diesel lovers will find the RailKing Scale SW1200, decorated in the red and white livery of the Red Cross and sporting the unique logo we created for the fundraising box cars a great motive choice for their relief fund unit train. Naturally, the engine will come outfitted with Proto-Soundᆴ 2.0 and sporting all the operating features that make M.T.H. locomotives a great value. Each SW1200 sold will earn $150.00 toward the relief fund!



Of course you always need a caboose to finish off your consist and M.T.H. has you covered with a RailKing Bay Window Caboose. Your purchase of each caboose results in a $35.00 donation to the Red Cross.

To see the current list of sponsors for the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund CLICK HERE. If you wish to help the hurricane victims, visit the M.T.H. Online Store and place your order today!