Available Items

RailKing Holiday Items In-Stock And Ready For Shipment November 21, 2012 - The magical holiday season is upon us and M.T.H. has a wide selection of holiday-themed train sets and add-on O Gauge rolling stock and accessories in-stock and ready-to-ship. See your local M.T.H. Authorized Retailer for ordering information. Item No. 30-4218-1 Christmas 4-6-0 Steam Passenger R-T-R Train Set w/Proto-Sound 3.0 Item No. 33-6247 Christmas O-27 Madison Coach Car Item No. 33-6248 Christmas O-27 Madison Diner Car Item No. 33-6250 Christmas O-27 Madison Baggage Car Item No. 30-7193 Christmas O-27 Stock Car Item No. 30-72081 Christmas O-27 Gondola Car w/Cover Item No. 30-74604 Christmas O-27 Box Car Item No. 30-74656 Christmas O-27 Box Car Item No. 30-74692 Christmas O-27 Box Car Item No. 30-74693 Season's Greetings O-27 Box Car Item No. 30-77205 Christmas O-27 Bay Window Caboose Item No. 30-79336 Christmas O-27 Operating Box Car w/Signal Man Item No. 30-90414 Christmas #193 Industrial Water Tower Item No. 30-90442 Christmas 3-Story City Building Item No. 30-90446 Christmas City Building 1 Single Story Addition Item No. 60-1046 Christmas Scent ProtoSmoke Fluid - 7 Oz. Item No. 60-1051H Candy Cane Scent ProtoSmoke Fluid - 2 Oz.