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December 21, 2011 - M.T.H.'s Lionel Corporation Tinplate No. 249 O Gauge Christmas Ready-to-Run Train Set has begun shipping to M.T.H. Authorized Retailers. Check out the set's details in the photos below or click on the video icon to the left to see the set in action.

First appearing in the 1936 Lionel catalog, No. 249 was described as a “high speed powerful conventional locomotive with chrome plated trimmings and a wealth of embossed details.” While less expensive, less elaborate and smaller than the 260E and its successor the 263, the 249 was nonetheless lauded in Lionel's catalog for its prototype accuracy. A picture looking forward from approximately the engineer's point of view noted that, "Looking alongside the new No. 249E gives the same picture a real engine would — with piping, air compressors, domes and drivers correctly proportioned, accurately detailed and brilliantly chromium plated."

Appearing for the first time in the M.T.H. officially licensed Lionel Corporation Tinplate product line, this nifty locomotive is paired with three passenger cars and painted in bright, shiny red and white colors and adorned with bright nickel trim. Each set is ready-to-run right out of the box with easy-to-assemble RealTrax, a powerful 50 watt transformer and a digital wireless remote control for controlling the Proto-Sound 3.0 digital sound system.