2016 Volume 2

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Highlights From This Catalog

In the early decades of the 20th century, Popular Mechanics magazine proclaimed the toy train was “The One Toy That Guarantees a Happy Childhood.” Fast forward a hundred years and another icon of the popular press, The Wall Street Journal, is running this headline: “”End of the Line for Model Trains? Aging Hobbyists Trundle On.” We believe the evidence says the Journal got it wrong. We are indeed an aging hobby. But at the World’s Great Hobby and other train shows we attend on a regular basis, we see tens of thousands of people coming out on a Saturday or Sunday to see and buy model trains — and a huge number of them are parents with young children who are fascinated by our hobby. As further evidence of the ongoing vitality of our hobby, we offer this, our latest catalog. More than any other O Gauge manufacturer, we believe our product line offers something for everyone.