EF 2015 Volume 1

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Highlights From This Catalog

What is the number 35 about? Does it hold any specific meaning that demands attention? Does it command respect for those who tout it? Should model railroaders care? In 2015, we at M.T.H. Electric Trains think 35 means a lot. Yes, we'll be celebrating our 35th Anniversary, but that's just part of the story. It's what has happened to us, to our customers and to the hobby of model railroading over those 35 years that really speaks to the significance of the number. In just three and a half decades, we've released more than 25,000 different items. In addition to O Gauge, we produce models, track and accessories in HO, S, and G Scales along with tinplate reproductions in O and Standard Gauge — each of which interacts with our universal DCS Digital Command System remote control technology. All told, we market 11 different brands, each born sometime along our 35-year journey. Every month, we ship on average more than 125 different items to more than 1,000 hobby shops around the world. Our semiannual O Gauge catalogs, like the 2015 Volume 1 catalog you’re perusing, each contain over 500 new items.