2014 Lionel Tinplate Volume 1

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Highlights From This Catalog

Lionel Corporation offers you the choice of enjoying tinplate trains that perform just like new toys of eighty years ago, or updated with modern features and technology. Most of our locomotives are offered in both Traditional and Proto-Sound® 2.0 or 3.0 configurations. Traditional versions don’t just look like the pre-war originals; they operate like them, too. Traditional locomotives feature openframe AC motors and mechanical E-units (reverse units) for operators who want to recreate the full tinplate experience — complete with buzzing E-units, growling motors, and the smell of ozone in the air! Proto-Sound versions feature the same accurate, nostalgic appearance on the outside but 21st-Century technology inside. Proto-Sound offers today’s tinplate operator more features than a child of the 1920’s or ’30’s ever dreamed of; turn the page for details.