2013 RK1 Gauge Catalog

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Highlights From This Catalog

More than any other One-Gauge trains, M.T.H. RailKing One Gauge models capture the drama of mainline American railroading. Whether you’re a garden railroader or prefer to operate indoors, the Proto-Sound 3.0 sound and control system built into every M.T.H. locomotive, as well as our optional DCS™ command control system, allow you to duplicate in miniature the sights and sounds of Class 1 American railroads. While One-Gauge manufacturers offer trains in a variety of scales, only 1:32 models such as the RailKing One Gauge line are correctly proportioned to represent standard gauge American trains. Models built to 1:29 scale, for example, are slightly oversized for One-Gauge track. RailKing One Gauge 1:32 trains, however, are fully compatible with your existing equipment and can be intermixed with 1:29 and other One-Gauge models. RailKing One Gauge engines and cars run on standard 2-rail 45mm DC-powered or AC-powered track systems, including the code 250 rail used by fine scale railroaders. All RailKing One Gauge engines and cars are supplied with truck-mounted operating knuckle couplers, hook & loop couplers, and body mounting pads for Kadee® couplers — so they can mate with virtually any other garden-sized train system.