2013 HO Volume 1

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Highlights From This Catalog

For those who operate Märklin HO AC 3-rail trains, choosing any of the Proto-Sound 3E+ models featured in this catalog will give you an opportunity to run sound-equipped North American and European prototypes on your AC 3-rail HO railroad. Outfitted with NEM 340 Wheels and NEM 360/362 Coupler & Pocket Assemblies, each Proto-Sound 3E+ model contains a 3rd rail slide shoe for use with Märklin HO stud rail and can operate on AC power. Like their 3.0 counter-parts, 3E+ models feature full digital sound, synchronized puffing steam locomotive smoke timed to the drive wheels’ revolutions, speed control, 28 DCC functions, hundreds of DCS sounds and features, and command control receivers for use with Märklin DCC command control and Motorola 1 and 2 command control. In fact, Proto-Sound 3E+ models will automatically operate in six different modes without user interaction: AC or DC Powered Analog/Conventional, DCC Command Mode with any DCC Controller, Märklin DCC Command Mode, DCS Digital Command System mode, and Motorola 1 and 2 Command Modes. Because it partners our precision drive train — with its powerful 5-pole precision flywheel-equipped, skew-wound motor — with sophisticated software algorithms capable of managing locomotive speed in 1/87th scale increments and automatically sensing your layout’s operating mode, an M.T.H. HO locomotive with Proto-Sound 3E+ is easily the most sophisticated, smoothest running, best sounding locomotive you can buy.