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Look on bottom of TIU for decal indicating revision letter (No decal indicates a Rev G - all others will have a decal)
You can locate the TIU Firmware Version number via the following steps: In the App - More...->Advanced Features->System Settings->TIU Settings->TIU Firmware Version. In the Remote - MENU->SYSTEM->TIU SETUP->TIU Version
How many DCS TIU's are employed on the layout?
Enter the approximate number of feet of track on the layout
How is the layout wired?
Mode of Operation of TIU?
Enter the approximate signal strength test result. NOTE: When testing signal strength please use only one engine on one output of the TIU and run the engine around at 25sMPH. You want to minimize as many variables as possible in order to get a clearer picture of what's going on.
Select type of locomotive being tested
Are You Using Light Bulbs Attached to the Output of the TIU(s)
Check your wireless device's manual to see where to find the OS version (usually under Settings somewhere)
You will find the software version of the app by going to More...->App settings
For iOS tap and hold the App Version
To determine the App type, Go to More...->Upgrade. This will tell you what app type is currently installed as well as purchased upgrades and the date of purchase
What type of cable is being used to connect the WIU to the TIU
How many DCS WIU or Explorers are employed on the layout?

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