Submit A Custom Run Production Request

To get started on your custom run project, complete the form to the right. Once submitted, an M.T.H. Electric Trains representative will get back to you with any questions, scheduling and pricing. From there, our dedicated team of graphic artists will analyze your request, get back to you with any questions and begin designing your custom run project artwork for approval.


What Happens Next

Once the M.T.H. Graphics Team has everything it needs to design your artwork, you'll receive a PDF draft of the artwork for approval. If changes are required, subsequent artwork drafts will be submitted for approval until the design is acceptable.

Marketing Assistance

If requested, our team will turn your approved artwork into a photo-realistic image for your promotional needs. We'll even promote your custom run project to subscribers of the M.T.H. E-Newsletter upon request.

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Enter the name of your business
(ie: Joe Smith)
Enter the name of the project to be produced as a custom run (ie: RailKing AAA Box Car)
For 2-Car Sets, choose up two car types. For 4-Car Sets, choose up to four car types. For two and four-car sets, Include individual quantities of each car type in the Design Instructions field.
Enter the car name and/or car number. If no name or number is required, enter N/A
Enter any design instructions, color requirements, research URL locations, etc.
Only one image can be uploaded per submission. If multiple images need to be uploaded, please zip the individual images together and upload the zip file. You can find information on zipping files together by visiting
Files must be less than 100 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp eps tif pict psd pdf doc docx odt zip.
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) may be divided between 2 cab/car numbers.

Registered site users can save a submission as a draft if they are logged into the site prior to saving the submission as a draft.  Only the most recent submission saved as a draft will be viewable the next time the registered user returns to the Custom Run Submission page.